“I love your product. I call it “The Magic Balm.” I have chronic Achilles’ tendon pain and daily use keeps the pain at bay. I also gave some to my mom for her arthritis pain. Helped her a lot also.”


“I am in need of a hip replacement and both knees also need replacing. I fell and hurt my knee and our landlord who is in her 80’s gave me a jar of your pain balm, lavender scent. She herself uses it, as does her sister who needs a hip replacement but will not have surgery due to her age. It’s pure MAGIC! I could not believe it! Took away my knee pain! I then had my husband put some on my hip and low back (3 severe herniated discs) and I sleep like a baby for the first time in 4 years! True believer here and I scream it from the rooftops too! Thank you, thank you for creating this amazing balm! I shall be forever grateful.”


“I used some of your amazing balm on my badly sprained ankle (which was taking so long to heal) and it literally felt better overnight! The pain and swelling was way down the next morning, and in a couple days I was back in action. Bitchy Bees is remarkable stuff. It really sped up the healing process.”


“I’m obsessed” -@jsmallbirdj

“Seriously. This stuff is theeeee BEST!” -@martkee89