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Bitchy Bees Mission

Bitchy Bees skincare products are handcrafted in small batches using mostly plant based ingredients, many of which are grown in our very own gardens and processed by hand. Us Bitchy Bees tap into our hivemind to create the most effective products made of plant based, organic, cruelty free, and sustainably harvested ingredients, and are intended to induce a pleasurable sensory experience. We hope you enjoy.


We have committed ourselves to using only organic, cruelty free, local when possible and sustainable ingredients in our products, and in order to achieve this, we have created methods that allow us to track and care for many of our ingredients from seed to bottle. We plant the seeds in our gardens, employ organic practices throughout their growth to full potential, harvest at the most optimal times of day and night, dry or process with love and care, and then distill, infuse, powder, enfleurage, and blend the plant into ingredients for our lotions, soaps, pain balms, and more.

Magic Balm


"I love your product. I call it “The Magical Balm"

— @alison_marshall tells us how the 365 Magic Balm keeps her chronic Achilles tendon pain at bay, and how she got her mom hooked after it relieved her arthritic pain